Want to bring steel drums to your next event? Here is some info for you!

We can offer several different group configurations to give you the best music possible for your situation. The Two Pan Player options are the main ones, with the quartet being the full band. We also offer some atlernative One Pan Player options with some different instrumentation - hand drums, acoustic guitar - When things get busy, sometimes only one pan player can be available. In such cases, we can still do the gig with one pan player, and it will still sound great!

Below are all of our current possible configurations.

"Two Pan Player" Options

Pan Quartet - 2 Pan Players + Drum set + Bass. This is the full band, therefore our best quality offering!  HEAR WHAT QUARTET SOUNDS LIKE 

Pan Trio - 2 Pan Players + Drum set or Bass.  HEAR WHAT TRIO SOUNDS LIKE  

Pan Duo - 2 Pan Players.  HEAR WHAT DUO SOUNDS LIKE

"One Pan Player" Options

Pan/Bass/Drums Combo
 - 1 Pan + Bass + Drums.                             
Pan/Bass/Hand Drums Combo -  1 Pan + Bass + Hand Drums

Pan/Bass Duo - Pan + Bass  

Guitar/Pan Duo - Guitar + Pan


Contact Phil Andrews for a price quote. We are very easy to work with on the business end of things because we try to keep things as simple and straight forward as possible. If we are available for your event, we will quote you one single price. There will be no extra travel or booking fees. Depending on how far off on the calendar your event is, we might ask you to pay an initial deposit upon booking us, but this would count toward that one price. We can accept checks, cash, or credit card (via Paypal) A few things factor into pricing:
  • Number of hours - We can play for 1 - 4 hours, with breaks after each hour. 
  • Number of performers -  Quartet, trio, or duo (refer to top of page)
  • Travel time/Distance - How far away you are can factor into the overall pricing, but we do not have any extra charges for travel. 


We are all willing and able to travel to many different locations throughout Southern New England.  We have played events in MA, CT, RI, VT, NH, as well as Cape Cod and the Islands.      

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